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Story Sellers Book Tours is an online publicity service that promotes literature in all genres – e.g., Urban, Non-Fiction, Romance, Fiction, Christian-Fiction, and others.  We assist traditionally, indie and self-published authors by arranging online virtual book tours to connect with a mass of online media coverage.  Our aim is for an increase in name recognition, engaging with new readers and ultimately a boost in book sales.  Our virtual book tours accomplish this with organizing guest blog spots, book reviews, book excerpts, social media contests, interviews, pod cast and radio appearances. 


Statistically speaking, it takes approximately seven times for a reader to see your name and yield an impulse to purchase your book.  Story Sellers Book Tours creates an affordable and fun way to create exposure for your book and name recognition.  With our genre based touring schedules, we are goaled to connect you with the right blogs that have the readers in your specific genre.  Critical mass is what we are going after!


A Message from the Owner:


When I self-published my first book in 2008, I was able to deliver it to a built-in audience I had established due to my work in the theatre community and as a traveling performance poet.  I was successful with selling enough copies to earn my production costs back and even turn a profit.  I made contacts across the country in various book stores, colleges/universities and coffee houses and organized a tour as a performance poet and lecturer to sell my book as well as my poetry product.  This tour allowed me to reach new listeners and expand my audience.  However, during this time, I had several friends that released fiction books in various genres and they did not have the same success with sales as I did.  Even with the talented community of poets I personally know, several have amazing material that is sitting on their shelves due to a lack of promotion/contacts to reach a broader audience.  Story Sellers Book Tours was created from my understanding as to how crucial promotions and reaching new audiences is necessary for the success of a literary work.

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