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One of the most important marketing tools for authors are reviews.  A selection of reviews can be the deciding factor as to whether or not a potential reader will choose your book.  While reviews from our families and friends are nice, they are not the honest, unbiased reviews that can help buyers easily shift through hundreds of cheap and free literary titles.  Reviews are particularly important for self published authors and poets. 


I am excited to announce that Story Sellers is launching a book review exchange for Fall of 2021.  The review exhange will consist of authors given an eight week time span to deliver book reviews in groups of four.  All authors must have their books available on Amazon and be able to provide review copies via Mobi (ebook), PDF or word document. Also, all authors must have Goodread accounts to post reviews in addition to Amazon and provide for the author personal sites. 


Want quality reviews?  Then give quality reviews!  Or how about four reviews? Self published authors, poets... I've been there, I know it can be difficult.  Reviews can be life changing and sales making!  Sign up below to be included in the review rounds that will begin August 2021.




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