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On The Shoulders        of Greats

This group is for Black Women and binary women writers of color who would be considered established authors, playwrights, writers, i.e. journalists, bloggers. (established meaning already produced and/or published, including self published.) The writer should be CURRENTLY working on a project/projects that they would like to be complete within the upcoming year and resides in Atlanta (or provide own transportation to Atlanta for activities).  The writer may also want to have an interest in southern themes or southern characters.

Writing is such a solo sport, I created this group to ensure we get out occasionally and meetup with like minded writers.  To ensure we travel our neighboring cities and states to create new experiences and discover new words to describe our stories, characters and get out of our creative dungeons to enjoy the theatre, concerts, etc. 

During our weekend retreats and writing meetups, we will have video calls from other professional women novelists, playwrights and screenplay writers.  We will support and share our knowledge of the craft of writing to ensure our next projects can be our best projects!

**I am a professional playwright, blogger, published author and poet.  I am a writer for the hit show "Rebel" on BET with executive producer John Singleton and for the digital poetry series on, "Rebel Yell".  Currently splitting my time between Atlanta and Los Angeles, I am working on a new novel and would love to share this experience with other goal getting women writers.**

UPDATE: Due to the covid-19 pandemic all activities have been paused. We look forward to a GRAND return!

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